How to Get The Best Price on an Oil Change

Published On: May 8, 2023

Regularly changing your car’s oil is one of the necessities of owning a car. It’s not an expensive maintenance item as far as vehicle ownership goes – but you still don’t want to spend more than you have to. Finding the best price for an oil change not only helps ensure you keep more money in your pocket but also helps encourage you to actually get those oil changes – which means your car will run better and probably last longer.

Here are a few tips for getting the best price on an oil change:

Take your car somewhere that specializes in oil changes.

Save money on your oil change by taking it somewhere that specializes in oil changes. Victory Lube can offer less expensive oil change services because that is their specialty. The technicians are there to do oil changes, and they do them quickly and well.

In addition, Victory Lube services meet all warranty requirements, and no appointment is necessary.

Look for coupons and deals.

Victory Lube offers a variety of coupons and other promotions to help their customers save on their oil changes. In fact, at Victory Lube, we keep a special page on our website where customers can access our latest promotions. While some companies give their best deals to new customers, Victory Lube gives its best deals to our existing customers through our Winners Circle.

Use synthetic oil.

For some people, this tip may not make a lot of sense because synthetic oil is actually quite a bit more expensive than conventional oil. But synthetic oil will save you in the long run because it lasts much longer. 

Synthetics typically last longer as they are built with planned and predictable properties. Almost every vehicle being manufactured today comes off the line with a synthetic motor oil in the engine for many reasons, such as fuel economy, performance, deposit control, emissions and more. Synthetics are not used to extend oil change intervals but to support the new technologies in engine design and performance requirements. You should always follow the OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) recommendation. Synthetic oil gives your car better protection and has fewer contaminants that can negatively impact spark plugs and other parts of your engine. That means you’ll have fewer engine repairs, resulting in major savings!

Visit Victory Lube today.

If you are looking for the best price for an oil change, come to the Victory Lube near you. We offer fast, warranty-approved, and no appointment service. So come in on your schedule!