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Your vehicle’s windshield wipers are probably not something you think about very often.

But when you’re driving through heavy rain or snow, and suddenly you find that they are leaving streaks or not clearing your windshield properly, you know you have a problem. Without good wiper blades, your vehicle can quickly become unsafe to drive as inclement weather – or even a splash from a passing truck – will leave you with decreased visibility.

Windshield wiper blade replacement is a quick and easy fix that can make a big difference in your driving experience. There are many different types of wiper blades available, so it’s important to do your research and select the right ones for your vehicle or ask the professionals at Victory Lube which blades are best for your needs.

Wiper blade maintenance is also important. If they become clogged with snow, ice, or dirt, they will not be able to do their job properly. Be sure to clean them off regularly and replace them when they start to show signs of wear and tear.

At Victory Lube, we offer wiper blade replacement and wiper blade installation.

Your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends that you replace your windshield wiper blades every 6 – 12 months. But, based on your driving habits and seasonal conditions, you may need to replace your wiper blades more frequently.

To avoid tricky driving conditions, we recommend looking out for the following signs of wear:

  • Cracked, worn or broken wiper blade rubber
  • Bouncing blades or loud noises when using your wipers
  • Streaks or ‘uncleaned’ areas of your windshield

At Victory Lube, we have a large selection of wiper blades in stock which allows us to service most vehicles. Our technicians are always courteous and professional and will get you back on the road quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your wiper blades every six to twelve months, but this will be somewhat dependent on how often you use them and the conditions that they are exposed to.

Although most experts recommend changing your wiper blades on a timed schedule, you should also consider changing them if you notice any of the following:

  • Squeaking noises (this could be a sign that the rubber or silicone has been damaged).
  • Vibration/chattering (indicates that parts of the rubber are moving faster than the wiper blade arm).
  • Excessive streaking.
  • Wet spots left behind on your windshield.
Knowing the size of wiper blades that you need is as easy as looking in your car’s owner’s manual or using any number of online tools that allow you to enter your vehicle’s make, model and year, to let you know which blades are right for your vehicle.

Drive into Victory Lube and we will tell you what size wiper blades your vehicle needs. We offer a 3-month guarantee when you purchase wiper blades and if they aren’t performing as expected, we’ll replace them for free. That’s just simply better.

If you have a problem with your windshield wipers, bring them into Victory Lube. We will inspect them and let you know what the best course of action is. Depending on the severity of the issue, we may be able to repair them on-site or recommend a replacement.

There are a few benefits of wiper blade replacement:

  • You will have improved visibility in inclement weather.
  • Your windshield wipers will be more effective at clearing water, snow and debris from your windshield.
  • Replacing your windshield wipers can help to prevent scratches on your windshield.

The cost of windshield wiper replacements will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. However, we always aim to provide competitive prices and offer a variety of services that will suit your needs. For more information, please give us a call or stop by our shop. We would be happy to help.

Yes. When you purchase windshield wipers from Victory Lube, we offer free installation. We want to make sure that the process is as easy and convenient for you as possible.

Windshield wipers are an important part of your vehicle and should be replaced regularly to ensure optimum performance.

If your windshield wipers froze to your windshield, you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive and then carefully peel them off. Be careful not to damage the paint or windshield. You can also turn up the defrost setting on your car and wait for them to thaw.

When it snows, there’s no need to raise your windshield wipers. In fact, attempting to do so can actually over-strain the wiper blades and cause them to break. Simply wait for the snow to melt and the wipers will do the rest.

There are three main types of windshield wipers: conventional, beam and hybrid. Conventional wipers have a single arm that sweeps back and forth across the windshield. Beam wipers have two arms that extend from the top of the windshield to the bottom and move in opposite directions. Hybrid wipers have a conventional arm and a beam arm, which work together to clean the windshield.

Standard windshield wipers are fixed in length and extend to clean the entire windshield. Extendable windshield wipers have a telescoping arm that allows them to be extended or retracted to different lengths, depending on the size of the windshield.

Answers to these questions and more can be found on our website or by giving us a call. Our technicians are always happy to help.