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Your headlights and taillights are safe driving essentials.

But when headlight and taillight bulbs eventually burn out, or when the lenses become cloudy, the performance and safety of your vehicle is compromised. Failure to illuminate the road ahead can lead to poor decision making and make you more susceptible to collisions and incidents. While failed brake lights or signal lights makes it more difficult for other drivers to see and identify your on-road behaviour.


At Victory Lube, we offer headlight/taillight bulb replacement, headlight lens restoration, and signal light replacement to help you stay safe on the road.

Why Choose Victory Lube for your headlights & taillights service?

Whether you need a bulb replacement or headlight restoration, our auto care technicians will give you professional and courteous service every time. We keep a variety of headlight, taillight and signal bulbs in stock and can service any make or model of car or truck.

What is headlight restoration?

Over time headlights can become scratched or yellowed by the sun. When our technicians perform headlight restoration, they remove scratches and cloudiness and then apply a protective coating that lasts for years. The end result is headlights that look and function just like new and increased light output of up to 100%!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your headlight (or taillight or signal) bulbs replaced at any Victory Lube location.

You can get your headlight aim adjusted at any Victory Lube location.

Although the results do not last as long as professional restoration, you can polish your headlight covers if you are in need of a quick fix. To do this, first wash the lens with soap and water. Then with a mixture of baking soda and water and a try rag, rub the lens and rinse. Repeat until you have the desired clarity.

Another very popular method for cleaning headlight covers is to use toothpaste and baking soda, but again the results with this are only temporary.