Victory Lube 5 Year Road Hazard Warranty

Terms & Conditions and Peace of Mind Protection

Easy to Qualify

  • Be the original purchaser of the tires.
  • Purchased the tires from a Victory Lube Service Centre

Conditions of this warranty:

  • Must rotate and balance tires as outlined by the vehicle/tire manufacturer at a Victory Lube Service Centre every 8,000 to 10,000 km.
  • Must operate tires at inflation pressures outlined by the vehicle/tire manufacturer.
  • Keep all mechanical parts that affect tires in proper working condition.
  • Victory Lube will replace the same type of tire within the first year or Prorated after the first year towards the purchase of a new tire at Victory Lube.

What is covered:

  • Road hazard failure” is defined as a tire that becomes unserviceable due to cuts, non-repairable punctures, or impact damage. Victory Lube will repair tires or replace the tire for free in the first year or on a prorated basis associated with tread-face injuries according to the tire manufacturer warranty.
  • This warranty is valid for five (5) years from the date of purchase or when the tire reaches 2/32 of an inch or less in remaining tread depth (whichever comes first). When a tire has 2/32 of an inch or less in tread depth, it is considered worn out.
  • Tires that have a Road hazard failure in the first year are covered free of charge and replaced with a comparable tire and value and quality purchased.
  • After the first year, tires that have a Road hazard failure will be replaced on a Prorated Basis toward purchasing a new tire. The replacement price will be calculated by multiplying the tire’s advertised retail selling price at the time of adjustment by the percentage of usable original tread that has been worn off.
    • EXAMPLE: Original tire has 8/32″ of usable treadwear and is worn to 4/32″ usable tread remaining; your Prorated amount will be 50% toward the purchase of a new tire of comparable price and value to the original. Taxes and government-mandated charges for the comparable new replacement tire will be applied at the time of adjustment.
    • If the new comparable tire price is $100.00, your cost would be $50 plus taxes and government fees.
  • This warranty is a promise under certain conditions to give credit on a prorated basis towards purchasing a new tire. This warranty does not imply that tires sold by Victory Lube meet certain specifications or cannot fail.
  • This warranty does not replace or modify any original tire manufacturer’s warranty on material.
  • Manufacturer Warranties apply, and a Victory Lube Advisor will help determine whether the failure is used against the Manufacture warranty or the Victory Lube Road Hazard Warranty.

Our Peace of Mind Protection

  • Why buy tires from Victory Lube? Because our service doesn’t stop once you buy a set of tires, we provide ongoing Peace of Mind Protection.
    • Free Flat Repairs – If you get a flat, just come into any location, and we’ll fix it at no charge. You may need to go to certain locations for this service. Val Caron, Falconbridge, and Midland locations provide this service.
    • Free Rotations – We’ll rotate the position of your tires every 8,000 km for the first year of your tires. Available at Long Lake, Falconbridge, Val Caron, and Midland Locations.
    • Free Road Hazard Protection – If your tires are damaged by a road hazard and can’t be repaired, we’ll replace them. Above conditions apply.
    • Free Air – Drop in anytime, and we’ll ensure your tires are properly inflated
  • No Appointment and there to help you when you need it!

What is not covered:

  • A tire/tires that did not fail under the terms of this warranty, on any vehicle, including 4-Wheel-Drive and All-Wheel-Drive vehicles, where a tire/tires need to be replaced due to the drivetrain requirements of the vehicle.
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to vandalism.
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to an accident.
  • Curb damage where other vehicle components were also damaged during impact.
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to commercial use.
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to racing.
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to Off-Road use.
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to snow chains or studs.
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to rapid or irregular wear.
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to wear from worn mechanical components on the vehicle.
  • Tires transferred from the vehicle on which they were originally installed.
  • Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, or consequential damage.

Tire ownership and care recommendations:

  • Have the air/nitrogen pressure in your tires checked by a tire professional at least once a month. Serious injury may result from tire failure due to underinflation.
  • Always request that the air pressure in your tires be set to the tire or vehicle manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Do not overload your vehicle. Serious injury may result from overloading your vehicle.
  • Read and follow all tire maintenance requirements outlined in the tire manufacturer’s warranty booklet provided at the time of purchase/installation.
  • Register Tires with TRAC or Manufacturers Registration Card. It is the Customer’s responsibility to fill out and register their tires.
  • Fix-a-flat products should be avoided if possible. These products can make a tire non-repairable and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It is recommended to have your lug nut torque checked by Victory Lube service centre of your choice at 80 km after your tires are serviced or replaced.
  • Request that your tire and rim assemblies are hand torqued with a calibrated torque wrench to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Have your tires inspected at Victory Lube at least once a year.
  • Tire and vehicle manufacturers have different age guidelines for replacing your tires regardless of wear or condition. It is important to read your vehicle’s owner’s manual and tire manufacturer’s manual for guidance on when your tires should be replaced, regardless of wear or condition.