Victory Lube in Midland Ready to Welcome Back Customers

Published On: January 8, 2024

In a remarkable comeback story, Victory Lube’s Midland location is back in business after a devastating fire forced our closure two years ago.

We faced a major setback when a gas explosion caused by a natural gas leak led to a destructive fire on November 21, 2021. The blaze not only consumed Speedy Auto Glass but also inflicted significant damage on Victory Lube’s premises near the corner of Yonge Street and County Road 93.

Despite the challenges, our commitment to serving the Midland community never wavered. General Manager Rick Morton expressed the company’s dedication to restoring service to Midland-area residents.

“It took over a year, but we’re open, and we’re doing oil changes,” declared Morton, announcing the official reopening of the new state-of-the-art garage. The journey to recovery was not without its hurdles, but the resilience of Victory Lube prevailed, turning adversity into an opportunity to create a brand-new workshop.

“We were just glad no one was (seriously) hurt; that’s the main thing,” said Morton, reflecting on the unfortunate incident. He acknowledged that while some may have been surprised by their decision to rebuild, the positive outcome is the unveiling of a modern new facility ready to serve the Midland community.

To spearhead the reopening, Victory Lube welcomed a new manager, Matthew Elmer, a local resident with a family, and assistant manager Justin Chalut, hailing from the Sudbury area. This dynamic duo, along with Morton’s leadership, brings fresh energy and expertise to the Midland location, ensuring that Victory Lube continues to provide top-notch service to its valued customers.

To view pictures of Victory Lube’s new building, please visit Midland Today’s article here.

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Here at Victory Lube, we are excited to welcome back our customers in Midland. If your vehicle is due for an oil change or any of the other services we offer, stop by today.

Image Source: Andrew Philips/Midland Today