Signs of a Failing Battery

Published On: December 20, 2022

Owning a car can come with its share of inconveniences, but no one wants to be stuck somewhere with a dead battery. If only there were signs that a battery was dying so you could get it replaced before getting stranded. Fortunately, there are signs. Checking the health of your battery could be as simple as popping the hood and taking a look; here is what to look for:

1. Corrosion on the connectors

Have a look at the terminals where the battery is connected. If you notice a blue-green powdery substance building up on those terminals, it is a sign that your battery needs to be replaced.

2. The battery case is warped

Anything changing the shape of your battery case is a sign of a serious issue and means your battery needs to be replaced immediately. Cracking, bulging, or swelling on the side of the battery case are things you don’t want to see in your car battery.

3. A rotten egg smell under the hood

If you smell sulphur or “rotten eggs” when you pop the hood, it is a sign that your battery is leaking acid. 

4. Dim headlights

If your headlights start to shine dimmer or begin to flicker, it is natural to assume they are starting to go. But this could also be a sign of a dying battery.

5. Electrical issues

If your battery is dying, you may start to experience issues with your car’s electrical system.

Some possible issues you might notice are:

  • Heated seats or heated steering wheel not working.
  • Problems with the car radio.
  • Dashboard lights flickering or failing to come on altogether.
  • Electronic windows or sunroof not working.
  • Cell phone doesn’t charge when you plug it in.

6. Clicking when you turn the key

Ignition clicks can indicate that you’ve got a bad starter or alternating, but most frequently, it means your battery is going. When there is not enough power in the battery to charge the starter and crank the engine, you will either hear a clicking sound when you turn the key, or the engine will start very slowly.

7. Frequent jumps

This one may sound obvious, but if you frequently need to jump-start your car to get it going, you should probably get your battery changed soon. This is especially true if the battery is more than three years old. 

8. Your check engine light comes on

The check engine light in your car can be an indicator of a variety of issues. One of them is a dying battery. If you notice this light in combination with any of the other symptoms of a dead battery, it’s time to bring your car in for a checkup.

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